What are our Service Offerings?

Pharos positions itself as the optimal analytics partner for companies that need excellent analytics solutions at a competent price. We pride ourselves on staying relevant to our clients as they journey towards cutting edge analytics and class leading data management. We do so by offering flexible engagement models that suit our clients’ analytical maturity, ambition, and financial outlay.

In terms of resources and expertise, Pharos brings to the table the right mix of attributes that ensure that your project is in the safest possible hands.

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Offerings for a Complete Intelligence Ecosystem


  • Develop Data Marts, Data Warehouses & Data Lakes
  • Automate Data ETL
  • Automate Scheduled Access Of External Data


  • Develop Data Piplines to stream line Scheduled Analysis
  • Develop Dashboards and Reports
  • Develop Predictive Models using ML and Neural Network

Optimization Algorithms

  • Develop Algorithms that optimize processes such as task allocation,vehicle routing etc
  • Develop interfaces that make the algorithms usable in operations

Cloud Enablement

  • Migrate Your Existing data environment to cloud
  • Build Products in Cloud
  • Troubleshooting Existing Cloud based data and Product Instances

Products & Application

  • Product Design and Functionality
  • Develop Minimum Viable Product
  • Product development team

Market Research

  • Study Design and Questionnaire development
  • Study execution,panel/respondent setup
  • Analysis of research data

Our team of experts do their best


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Methods Of Engagement

We engage with our clients in a variety of manner based on their exposure to us as a vendor, their analytics maturity,  and their appetite for new initiatives. The types of engagements include:

Consulting Services

Our consultants bring decades of expertise in providing data and solution road maps, defining their constraints, timescales, and implication in terms of execution and maintenance. We have worked across multiple industries and domains ensuring that our client is guided towards the most optimal solution every time.

Outsourced Project Execution

We can execute projects end to end for our clients. In the process, our clients benefit from our expertise in data management and analytics, our consultancy regarding the solution and associated technology, and reduced cost of execution.

Product Starter Team

We have given the right platform for our clients to build their products. Our team-building expertise in getting the ball rolling for early-stage product companies.

Team Enhancement

We have enabled our clients to take on very challenging projects by providing the necessary expertise and man power to ensure a comfortable execution. We can provide similar skilled resources to supplement your team or complement the skillsets of your team with suitable resources.

Managed Services

We can set up and manage your analytics team, while you focus on the tasks that really matter. Leave the headache of process definition, documentation, training, and task performance to us.