Pharos delivers data and analytics centric product/application development services to clients across the globe. Our team brings with them decades of experience in ideation, designing, developing, and managing products/applications in Data, BI/Analytics, Cloud, and AI/ML areas. Our expert level teams can flawlessly capture the business ideas conceptualize them as products and get them up to the state of a Minimum Viable Product. Products and applications that we have developed find use in CRM, Logistics, Education, Retail, QSR, BFSI, and many other domains. We engage with our clients in 5 ways as shown below:

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Our team of experts do their best


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  • BOT: In some domains and technologies where we have industry proven expertise, clients rely on our BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer) services for their product or/and application development needs. Here, we get involved from the concept finalization stage to understand and simulate the functional, technical, and commercial viability of the product/application. Here, we involve domain and technical experts to ensure that the product/Application is developed as per the vision of the business owner/needs.
  • Consulting/Advisory: From the phase of conceptualization, Pharos stands with the client at every stage to ensure that Research, design, development, packaging, implementation, and maintenance is as per global product/application development and management standards. Our consulting/advisory team has expertise in Research, development, Quality & testing, Compliance, deployment/Implementation, Support & Maintenance, etc.
  • SI Services (Customization, Deployment & Maintenance):We partner with third-party product /application companies that want customization, deployment, and maintenance services across globe in data, BI/Analytics and AI/ML areas. On need basis, our teams can be made available for onsite and offshore needs to ensure that our capabilities are in line with the agreed service delivery teams of the clients of our clients.
  • Modernization: Our teams help clients in migrating from old technologies to new ones that include but not limited to migrating to new versions of technologies, change of UI/UX, cloud enablement, etc.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Our Technology and Business teams with decades of expertise enable our clients to visualize the life cycle (from concept to saturation) of the product to ensure that research, development, and management are the best fit for the business and customer needs so that the life of the product is longer, and technically & economically healthier and globally acceptable.

Let us develop amazing global products/applications together!