The development of new technology and the digitization of processes have brought forth vast amounts of data and within in great opportunities for improving how a company functions. However, to grab these opportunities, organizations face several challenges in setting up the right environment to handle and use the data. Everything from customer feedback to sales performance and stock price influences how a company operates. But understanding what stories the data tells isn’t always easy or intuitive, which is why many businesses rely on data engineering.

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight”

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1. Data Strategy and Consulting

Pharos plays a key role in setting in place the markers of progress for our clients’ data journey. Pharos helps clients analyze the current health of data and identify gaps, develop future plans, and identify the steps that would be required to achieve them.

Our extensive experience has resulted in the standardization of the following key components as a part of our data strategy offering in data audit engagements:

  • Alignment of data plans with Business Strategy
  • Analytics and Data Maturity Evaluation to understand where the client currently stands and what are the constraints holding them back
  • Data Architecture and Technology
  • The development of the Data Analytics Team
  • Data Governance
  • Data Strategy Roadmap

2. Data Curation

With the focus on making effective use of data, there is a need to set up the necessary environment and processes to do so. This practice is called Data Curation. Data Curation may be explained as the process of creating, organizing, and maintaining data sets so they can be accessed and used by people looking for information. It involves collecting, structuring, indexing, and cataloging data for users in an organization, group, or the general public. Data can be curated to support business decision-making, academic needs, scientific research, and other purposes.

Data curation is part of the overall data management process and sometimes is incorporated into data preparation work that gets data sets ready for use in business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications. In other cases, prepared data may be fed into the curation process for ongoing management and maintenance. Pharos’s proven experience in data curation has translated into efficient and effective Data warehouse and Data Lake Development that become the engine for analytics program.

  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake Development with Pharos:The team at Pharos brings to the table decades of experience in the Design and Development of Data Warehouses and Data Lakes. Our solutions and services are platform agnostic and are custom made to suit your requirements, be it data warehouse or data lake.

Other services around data curation include setting up APIs and other mechanisms to automatically and comprehensively access data and the development of data pipelines to automate the flow and transformation of data to repositories.

  • Data Pipeline Development: Clients gain the benefits of our strong expertise in data engineering as well as our domain expertise and understanding of how data should be used when they partner with us in automating their data consumption process. The processes include implementing workflows and data pipelines. The pipelines may be built in a code driven or a low/no code environment.